Beat Belly Fat With Cayenne Pepper

Is there a secret weapon to beat belly fat? We think so! We have a famous belly fat tea recipe that we swear by…

 We are often asked how exactly does our belly fat tea work? And do cayenne pills work instead?

A: We prefer it in tea form. With the combo of heat and water, the bioflavonoids from the lemon rind and the alkalinity from the lemon juice itself combines together to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow to the fatty areas of the body and mobilize fat for illimination, unique to just taking capsules themselves.  I love to add chocolate-flavored liquid Stevia that I buy at Whole Foods (or you can buy online), it makes for a crazy delicious before-bed treat.  If mid-section weight gain is an issue consider Read More »

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Food Allergies, Food Intolerance or Food Sensitivity: How To Tell The Difference

east west essentialsGluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free… these are all  common dietary terms we hear on almost a daily basis But what exactly constitutes a true food allergy? And how is that different from a food sensitivity or food intolerance? Or could it just be a case of food poisoning? This is a question we hear frequently from patients at our East West Essentials‘ clinics and we decided to ask our own Dr. Wilson to explain so we can share this important information with you.

Why do many people think they have a food allergy when they don’t?  Why do people immediately think they have a food intolerance when they may just have had food poisoning?

Confused?  You are not alone! Hopefully, I can help.

I’m going to try and make this as simple as possible, give you a few road markers to identify the differences so you can assess your own situation and not misuse these terms.  As I will explain, not knowing the difference could prove life threatening, place you in the hospital or subject you to misdirected treatments and tests. As always, be sure to consult with a doctor, dietician and/or nutritionist before you decide to self-diagnose!

With that all said, lets investigate each category separately:


Unfortunately, the term “allergy” is sometimes used to describe unpleasant experience such as gas, bloating or nausea that may accompany food sensitivities or food poisoning.  A true food ALLERGY is Read More »

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We’re Loving: Papaya Enzymes

Our whole team at East West Essentials‘ is hooked on something, and we want you to know all about it… papaya enzymes!

When you eat food, your bodies digestive enzymes start breaking the food down in small pieces the second you start to chew. Sometimes when we eat foods that are rich, high in fat, high in sugar, or a larger quantity than we normally consume, our digestion is compromised. Food bypasses many of the vital stages along the way that aid with digestion. This can cause a fermentation of toxic gases in the large intestine.

The pancreas produces enzymes that helps break down food in the stomach. We chew papaya enzymes after meals because Read More »

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Bottoms Up! Enjoy These “Miracle” Teas

At East West Essentials we love our teas, especially our special recipes! Today we share the recipe for two teas you can make at home that help combat common problems: bloating and belly fat.

Parsley Tea

Parsley tea helps the body regulate hydration. The tea delivers a natural form of potassium that helps with edema, water weight gain and puffiness that can occur with eating salty, fatty foods. Parsley is very rich in potassium, and this tea recipe is designed to help you keep your electrolytes balanced and get rid your body of water weight.

Parsley Tea Recipe

  • Boil parsley and water
  • Strain and add Stevia to taste, if desired

Belly Fat Tea

This is a great way to combat bloat! It helps burn the extra fat in the belly area, and water weight as well. Cayenne pepper enhances the body’s metabolism: It stimulates the stomach acid , pancreatic enzymes and gallbladder salts, which can remove excess stored water.

Belly Fat Tea Recipe

  • Boil one whole lemon (with peel)
  • Add ¼ tsp. cayenne pepper to water
  • Add Stevia to taste, if desired


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Our Biggest Giveaway Ever, And YOU Choose Your Prize!

keep-calm-and-pick-a-prizeHappy Giveaway Time! When we were choosing the prizes for this contest we couldn’t come up with a consensus. We have so many wonderful products that target a wide variety of health & wellness needs that it was a challenge to pick just one. After much discussion we decided to put the choice in your hands and launch our first-ever, “grab bag-you choose the prize giveaway!”

Here is how it will work: Just follow all the same contest rules (like the social media page where you are entering, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram), like any of our posts AND leave a comment telling us your prize preference – and feel free to pick more than one prize option! We have one of each to win, but if the entry numbers soar we may add extra prizes! Gain extra entries by doing the things you always do, such as sharing posts, referring friends, liking/commenting on our other posts… you know the drill! Here is what is up for grabs:

To win our giveaway, do one of the following… it only takes one entry to win, but feel free to do as many as you’d like, as often as you’d like! That’s Read More »

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Erica (& Baby!) And Her Prenatal Success Story!

28 weeksWe love hearing East West Essentials‘ success stories! If you want to share your experience with one of our products PLEASE email them to us ( at and we will send you a 10% off coupon… include a photo and we will make it 15%!

Today’s tale of success comes from Erica, who has been using our Optimal Prenatal Blend and our Optimal Fatty Acid during her pregnancy:

I have been using the Optimal Prenatal blend along with the Optimal Fatty Acid Blend since the day I found out I was pregnant. I have been super happy with these products and have gotten all my pregnant girlfriends using them as well. I am 31 weeks along and so far, knock on wood, I do not have any stretch marks, very minimal swelling anywhere on my body and no other pregnancy-related health issues (minus the occasional back ache and stuffy nose). I thank my products from East West essentials for helping me and my baby stay healthy!

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Healthy Homemade Mayo

EWE Homemade MayoWe see many clients in our East West Essentials‘ clinics who tell us they don’t eat mayonnaise because it is “unhealthy.” To that we say, “think again!” What many overlook is the fact that mayo is loaded with protein and wonderful enzymes, it can help improve the health of your gut and that can help improve everything from exhaustion, depression to even high blood pressure!

You may not know this but homemade mayonnaise has a high level of raw enzymes that can keep things moving regularly  (good for healthy gut) and fight off infections. Not to mention, it is quite easy to make!

EWE’s Healthy Homemade Mayo


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Khloe Kardashian & Her Optimal Cleanse!

Khloe Kardashian Optimal CleanseAt East West Essentials we always keep our lips sealed when it comes to our clients. BUT… sometimes they do the talking themselves (hello, J.Lo!) and we can’t help blushing with pride.

Khloe East West EssentialsA recent example was when Khloe Kardashian was recently spotted out and about carrying our Optimal Cleanse shaker (that comes with Sunfare food delivery), and OK! Magazine mentioned it!

At East West Essentials we consider ALL of our clients to be superstars… if you have questions or want to join us in an Optimal Cleanse please call us at 800.914.0919 or visit for more information!

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The Skinny On Artificial Sweeteners from Dr. Wilson

artificial-sweeteners-copyI have always told my patients not to use artificial sweeteners and to use sugar (raw and organic, if possible) in moderation.  Many do not realize this (thanks, in part to some tricky advertising), but artificial sweeteners are pure chemicals. And what’s more, your body has the extra burden of detoxifying them.

So today I picked up my “SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN” magazine (Shhhh – I am a closet science geek!) and low and behold I found an article on this very topic entitled, “Artificial Sweeteners May Change Our Gut Bacteria in Dangerous Ways.”

I read the article for you (wasn’t sure you had a copy lying around) and it states that artificial sweeteners Read More »

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Meet Our New Optimal Coconut Oil Pulling Kit… And You Can WIN It Now!

Optimal Coconut Oil Pulling CNo matter the day and wherever I may be, I begin each morning the same way. With oil pulling! If you have been curious about this practice or wanted to try it but just wasn’t sure how to get started you than are in luck: We are excited to share with you our new East West Essentials Optimal Coconut Oil Pulling Kit, which contains directions and all the tools (and coconut oil!) you need to get started!

“Oil pulling” is an ancient, 3,000 year old technique for detoxing the mouth of harmful bacteria that can cause poor oral health such as bad breath, plaque build up and stains on your teeth. The Optimal Coconut Oil Pulling Kit also helps prevent bacteria from entering the entire body via the mouth and causing more severe health problems such as heart disease, inflammation, acne, and gingivitis to name a few. I have been oil pulling for a few years now and my teeth are whiter than ever and my dentist has noticed a decrease in plaque. Key benefits of oil pulling include:

  • Whitens teeth
  • Freshens bad breath
  • Improves acne
  • Boosts Immune system
  • Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces cavities
  • Protects heart from plaque

At East West Essentials we are making it easier than ever with our new Optimal Coconut Oil Pulling Kit! And to celebrate its launch we are giving away THREE kits!

To win our giveaway, do one of the following… it only takes Read More »

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