Do You Ever Find Yourself Eating Because You Are Bored? These Easy Tips Will Help You Kick The Habit!

We’ve all done it. Try as you might, those days of endless grazing and munching seem to sneak up on us from time to time. And with today being Halloween that means most of us have candy in our homes – bite-sized candy, no less! (“Oh, it’s so tiny… I can easily eat just one and it won’t matter. Or two.”) But did you know that the endless snacking most times is not because of hunger, but rather boredom? Below are some tips for how to stay busy and stop snacking!

Plate It

When I want to eat everything in sight, it’s sometimes for a good reason: I’m hungry! If my breakfast, lunch, or dinner doesn’t satisfy me, I inevitably end up aimlessly snacking. Instead, I prepare a snack with a mix of healthy carbs, protein, and fat, and place it on a plate before I eat it. That way, I see how much I am eating instead of mindlessly chomping away.

Drink Up

I drink water throughout the day, but I also sip right before and during my meals to help satisfy my hunger. And if I’m feeling extra snacky, I’ll chug 8 to 10 ounces of water and then wait a little while before I decide whether to eat something. Most of the time, water does the trick.

Take a Walk

A brisk 10-minute walk around the block with my iPod almost always cures my boredom munchies. Plus, I get a little extra exercise in my day. And when I can’t get outside (stuck in the house or office) I simply walk a few laps or visit a co-worker’s desk, the laundry room… anything to stay moving and keep my mind off food.

Phone a Friend

When I’m bored and feel like snacking, I Read More »

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Feeling Tired & Fatigued? We’ve Got The Secret For A Healthy Energy Boost!

Do you have a question for either of our East West Essentials experts, Dr. Jeanne Wilson or nutritionist Heather Wilson? Post them on our Facebook page and we will get back to you! Today we talk about our Optimal Cleanse, and the amazing energy and clarity you feel while you are on the cleanse, and after it’s completion.

Q: I Felt amazing on the East West Essentials Optimal Cleanse, no cravings and a lot of energy… why is that?

A: You feel that way because your body has become balanced by being supported nutritionally, while moving through toxins and stagnation of the liver and lymphatic system, and possibly even toxins in the blood.

This is the way you are supposed to feel when all systems are functioning fully and nourished properly.

For a simple example, think Read More »

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Portion Control Is Possible! Try Our Simple Tips

Eating healthy means knowing what proper portion sizes, or servings actually means. However, learning what a portion size actually is—and eating that amount—is tricky. There are a few quick tips that can help get you started.

Measure and weigh food

Get out those measuring cups! “Measuring and weighing are so critical,” says LuAnn Berry, RD, a certified diabetes educator at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center at Passavant.

“We’re such poor judges. We don’t know what 3/4 ounce of pretzels looks like.” (It’s about 15 mini pretzels, she says.)

Know your “rules of thumb”

Did you know that 3 ounces of lean meat is equivalent to a deck of cards? And 1 cup of breakfast cereal is about the size of a fist? This info is crucial, particularly when you need to choose the right portion size quickly. For a handy cheat sheet, print and carry this serving size card from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Serving size vs. portion size

What’s the difference? It matters. Serving sizes per container are listed on the nutrition facts label. For example, a small bag of pretzels may say that it contains two servings, so if you’re eating the whole bag—your portion size—you’d have to double the calorie, fat, and carbohydrate information per serving to know how much you’re consuming.

Use portion-control plates

What are they? These are handy plates with painted lines Read More »

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If You Don’t Want To Cleanse Because You Can’t Quit Coffee READ THIS!

fotolia_6853101_XSIf you have ever been on one of our Optimal Cleanse programs you know the drill… coffee and caffeine is a no-no because the program is designed to eliminate toxins – including caffeine and sugar – from your body.

HOWEVER… we know we are only human. And while the EWE team has been off coffee for years and favors Pero coffee substitute we understand that many of our clients still enjoy their daily cup of joe. That being said, if you are on any of our Optimal Cleanse programs and just can’t stop drinking your coffee we understand. And while we would love for you to stop drinking coffee altogether, we have a compromise:

Try switching to organic coffee. It will eliminate some of the issues of pesticides, mold and chemicals that are often used in non-organic coffee. And as for your creamer or milk, we prefer almond milk.
Best choice is almond milk.

Happy Cleansing! -The EWE Team


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The Ultimate Tea Trio To Boost Your Optimal Cleanse

For those of you who have done our Optimal Cleanse, you may have noticed the signs of detoxification on day two. These include increased thirst, a low grade fever, cold sweats and/or a mild headache. These will pass quickly, and are actually good signs that the toxins are moving from your body!

The liver is a major organ of detoxification in the body – it filters the blood and breaks down hundreds of chemicals each day. While you are Cleansing you can help your body’s detox process along with what we call the herbal “tea trio.”

Chamomile – a powerful liver aide, it is also soothing and calming.

Yogi’s Skin DeTox – The skin is the largest organ in the body and a key player in your detox. This tea Read More »

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Quite Possibly The Best Blueberry Shake You’ve Ever Tried!

Don’t forget breakfast! You need to always remember to eat within 45 minutes of waking, and what you eat for breakfast will determine your metabolism for the rest of the day. Don’t skip this important meal, embrace it!


*   2 scoops of East West Essentials’ Optimal Protein Powder

*   2 tbsp. ground flaxseed

*   ½ cup of organic blueberries

*   1/16 tsp (2 to 4 drops) stevia or ½ tsp coconut sugar

*   1 cup of almond, rice, or low fat milk

*   1 tbsp. raw almond or cashew butter

*   ½ cup ice


1.    Whiz all the ingredients together in a blender and enjoy.

2.    This would make a great breakfast, or you could have it as a snack.

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Boost Your Labor Day BBQ With These Simple Tips & Hacks!

Is it truly Labor Day already? As another wonderful summer comes to a close we are prepping for our annual family barbecue this weekend and sharing with you some of the unique ways we grill… and some new ideas we are adopting this year!

Onion power – after you have finished your grilling and while the barbecue is still hot, cut an onion in half and spear it with a fork. Rub the onion on the grill and the oils will take care of most of the post-cooking grime with little effort on your part.

Fire up the fruit – Grilling is not for protein and veggies alone, take you fruit up a notch with some barbecue love. Grilled watermelon has been a new family favorite, and you can also grill lemon haves (peel side down) to bring out the favor before you squeeze into lemonade. If you have cinnamon sticks you can make a fruit kebob that will add some nice spice to a grilled fruit skewer.

Muffin tray – I just discovered this on Pintrest and will introduce it to the family this year. Instead Read More »

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Detox Your Body While You Sleep With This ONE Trick!


Our bodies pull in toxins from the food we eat and the environment around us every single day. And while it is ideal to cleanse your body about four times a year with the Optimal Cleanse, there is also a trick that can help detoxify your body all year long. And it’s easy! Here’s all you have to do: Go to bed by 10:30 p.m. and make sure that you sleep in the dark. Yes, that’s it! This time is key to a successful sleep, which in turn allows the liver and other organs to fully detoxify the body and improve hormonal balance

In Chinese Medicine we know that the liver cleans the blood between 1 and 3 a.m. and you must already be Read More »

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Fasting, Detoxing and Juicing… Is There A Difference? Yes! And We’ve Got The Breakdown!

juice-cleansingFasting, juicing and detoxing have been used interchangeably at times but they are not the same. Have you ever really wondered what each one is all about? There are key distinctions between the three and Dr. Jeanne Wilson breaks down the differences, which are important to know and understand before you consider any of these programs.

To start, fasting and detoxifying are both ancient while juicing is the “new kid in town” so to speak! They all have their place but must be used intelligently and carefully.


Fasting is Read More »

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What air pollution is REALLY doing to your skin – And how to combat the damage pollution is hazardous to our health and the environment. And our skin! Many don’t realize the effects of pollution and what it is doing to our skin, the body’s largest organ. Read on for a Q&A with our co-founder & holistic nutritionist Heather Wilson for tips on how you can stop and reverse this damage.

What effect does air pollution (smog, particulate pollution) have on skin aging? Toxins are everywhere – in our environment, today’s foods, everyday pollution and even in our skin care products. A lot of these toxins are silent and largely unseen. Your neighbors remodeling their house, mold, fires burning, dust and particles blown by the wind. Our liver is one of “the great detoxifiers” and when it is overloaded with these toxins, they begin to leave our body through the skin.

How fast can air pollution speed skin aging? Air pollution is one of the greatest contributors to Read More »

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