Lemons! Dr. Wilson’s Cure For Winter Colds & Coughs

East West Essentials lemons

Dr. Wilson’s personal photo of her lemon tree!

We love lemons around here. Really love lemons! At any given time you can find someone in our office and East West Essentials’ clinics sipping lemon water or drinking hot tea with lemon, and there is usually a bowl full of fresh lemons straight from one of Dr. Wilson’s trees! Today she shares with us one of her recipes for surviving winter with lemons:

One of the most effective cold remedies known is made from lemon!

  • Start with one pint of raw honey over very low heat.
  • Chop a whole lemon into a bit of water in a separate pan, warming for two to three minutes.
  • Add that to the honey, warming for about an hour, then strain out the lemon bits and seeds.
  • Cool the mixture, seal in a jar with a lid and refrigerate for up to two months.

To soothe a cough: give 1/2 tsp. for a 25 lb. child, 1 tsp. for a 50 lb. child, or 1 Tbsp. for adults, about 4 times a day or as often as needed.

My best to you!

Dr. Wilson

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Homemade “Movie” Popcorn

Yesterday we shared this tip: A medium container at the theater has at least 900 calories-not including the “butter” topping or those new flavor sprinkles they have now also sell (bacon-cheddar, anyone?). Pre-pop your lowfat favorite and stash the bag in your tote. Calories saved: 600! (Not to mention the average markup on popcorn for U.S. movie theaters in 2012 was a whopping 1275% – nope, that’s not a typo!!)

So today we want to share our favorite recipe for homemade movie popcorn! Whether the movie is at the theater or at home, we aways make it! (Yes, we have become experts at “sneaking in” our homemade treat!). Try it and let us know what you think!

  • Organic popcorn
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Sea salt
  • Earth Balance spread or organic butter
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January Detox Tips

It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of January! We are still helping many clients “detox” from the holidays and prepare for the new year ahead.  The past few months have been a challenging time of year for our diet for many reasons. During the holidays we not only indulge in food & drink more than usual, we also eat foods that are higher in fats and sugar. This can commonly cause bloating and swelling of the abdomen, weight gain, fatigue, dull skin, and slow down our system for months to come. Here are the top tips we share with my clients for a January detox plan to lead to the most successful year ahead:

–Incorporate a pharmaceutical grade probiotic into your routine of vitamins and supplements such as our Optimal GI. They come in easy individual packets – take them every day, and you can easily stow them in a purse or bag for convenience. These healthy gut bugs can help reduce bloating and swelling, food hangovers and dark circles!

–Drink tea. We have our clients drink these two teas:

Parsley Tea Recipe: Parsley is very rich in Potassium. This tea recipe is designed to help you keep your electrolytes balanced and get rid of the water weight most of us get from holiday indulgences. The tea helps the body regulate hydration, and delivers a natural form of potassium that helps with edema, water weight gain and puffiness that can occur with eating salty, fatty foods. Simply boil parsley and water. Strain and add Stevia if desired to taste.

Belly Fat Tea: This is a great tea for bloat! Helps burn Read More »

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(Foam) Roll Away Pain & Toxins

upper-back-foam-rollingThere are many wonderful, natural ways to easy pain and toxins n the body. From our East West Essentials’ Optimal Cleanse programs to oil pulling, we are here to help with information and guidance. We are especially big fans of foam rolling and have some tips and tricks yo get you started!

Self-myofascial release, or “foam rolling,” is a fancy term for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. If you are looking for a foam roller or expert information on this healing approach we recommend you Read More »

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7 Foods to Fight The Flu

blog-flu-fighting-foods-and-drinksFlu season is in full bloom and our co-founder Dr. Jeanne Wilson says this is a good time to remember that “food is medicine!” She recommends preventative measures with food and supplements to stay healthy during these winter months. For recommendations on super foods she cites this list from Dr. Valencia Porter. Add these to your shopping list!

Brightly Colored Fruits and Veggies

Brightly colored fruits and vegetables are packed with immune-supporting vitamins, including vitamins A, C, and E. In addition to the classic oranges, try blueberries, sweet potatoes, pomegranates, carrots, spinach, kale, and broccoli.


Garlic has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties that can help Read More »

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How & When To Combine EWE Programs

Heather Wilson of East West EssentialsIf you have questions we have answers! We know we have a lot of programs and supplements here at East West Essentials and we want YOU to know that we have a team in place here to help guide and support you and answer all your questions. Today we are sharing a great one about combining programs, as answered by our own Heather Wilson. Read on!

Q:  I have been taking the Optimal Protein Powder and the Optimal Restorative Powder for several months now.  I LOVE the results and plan to continue with these.  I would now like to do a CLEANSE and/or detox for a couple days.  Which cleansing/detox product should I use?  Should I continue with the Optimal Protein Powder and the Restorative Powder while I do the detox, or should I stop taking these two products while taking the cleansing product?  Thanks for your help.

A: We are so happy yo hear about your results! I use those two product daily as well and love them.

To transition over to the Optimal Cleanse you can Read More »

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Pregnancy Diet Tips From An Expert!

pregnant-woman-eating-saladDon’t forget, our East West Essentials‘ co-founder is a fertility expert! Dr. Jeanne Wilson is blogging today with some wonderful information on the dietary needs of an expectant mother.

I usually start by giving my patients these important numbers to keep in mind:

  • Average wt gain should be 25-35 lbs
  • Metabolic rate increases by 25%
  • Blood volume increases by 50% (need for protein and B12)
  • Calorie increase 300-400 calories per day ( avg. 2400-2600 calories per day)
  • ***Demand for protein increases – 60-70 grams per day

Many of my clients choose to use a meal delivery program during pregnancy and I think this is Read More »

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Should Your Diet Or Workout Plan Have A Time Limit?

Heather WIlson of East West Essentials

We hear a lot about various diets and workouts that have a time limit, as in the “8-Week Workout,” or “21-Day Tummy.” We decided to talk with our own Heather Wilson about the significance of these numbers, how realistic it is to set out with a time limit in mind, and the pros and cons of such a plan.

 Is it smart to attach a certain time limit to a workout and/or diet plan?

As a nutritionist, these questions are always asked from my clients as well! At East West Essentials we have designed may programs, such as the 10-Day Optimal Cleanse, for weight loss – with various time limits. We have found it to be an effective way for clients to set a realistic goal and be able to “stick to it” and see results.

How does an individual determine what time limit will work for them?

Personal lifestyles, work schedules, habits – all of these things need Read More »

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Optimal Cleanse Vs. Optimal Fat Blast

optimal cleanseWe have so many wonderful programs here at East West Essentials’ that sometimes it can be hard to decide which if best for your individual needs. Don’t worry! We are here to help. Today our own Heather Wilson is breaking down the difference between our Optimal Cleanse programs and the Optimal Fat Blast.
The Optimal Cleanse is a nutrient detox cleanse designed to eliminate  toxins from your fat cells and your liver.   If you follow the provided sample meals along with the food outlined within the program you will lose 5 pounds. Some people lose a few more, others sometimes one or two less. The 5-Day Fat Blast is great for pocketed  fat and high cortisol levels that you also lose an average of 5 pounds. 
The 5-Day Optimal Cleanse is something that you should do first if you have never done either program. It’s a great way to start if you feel like your metabolism is sluggish, you feel fatigued, if you may have toxicity, you’re a little foggy, there maybe hormone issues, or if you have never done a detox before I would do it absolutely. Also, if you have any sort of food allergy is the Optimal Cleanse is terrific.  shake2
The Optimal Fat Flush is great for those last 5 pounds of fat into lean muscle thanks to the colostrum-based proteins, which is very leaning. There is a little bit more food preparation in in this program versus the Optimal Cleanse. You are using the nutrients and shake for a lot of your meals so there’s not too much food preparation, although there is a large food list in both programs to choose from. Both program are great to do before any event prep where you want to lose some weight.
If you feel like your metabolism is pretty much on schedule and just need to lose some pockets of fat than I would use the Fat Blast.  If you feel like you have some of the aforementioned issues I would do the Optimal Cleanse.  And as always, we are here to help and support you along the way. You can always call us at 800.914.0919.
-xo Heather
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Tip Of The Day: Separate “Exercise” From “Dieting”

o-BREAKUP-STRESS-facebookToday I’d like us all to breakup the long-term duo of exercise and dieting. This couple has been paired together for all the wrong reasons for many years. It’s time to send them to splitsville!

If you exercise for long term health benefits rather than short term “diet benefits,” your relationship with exercise will soar.

Make exercise fun. When people couple exercising with dieting it is almost inevitable that exercising becomes almost a punishment (just like dieting!). Using weight loss as the ultimate reason for exercise could be very unrewarding with a slow payoff. It could also lead to exercise abuse or over exercising.

If you “decouple” dieting and exercising, the Read More »

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