Eczema & Dry Skin Tips

Fall is in the air, and with the colder climate comes many changes to our bodies, one of the most noticeable being dry skin and other skin irritations. Today we tackle eczema, as suggested by a reader looking for help with her own struggle. Instead of treating it externally, have you ever thought of working on your skin from the inside?

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Q: What might be a good treatment for eczema spots? I’ve tried keeping coconut oil on, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Any suggestions?

A: In Chinese Medicine, eczema is a reflection of an internal problem, usually a digestive problem.  Coconut oil is a topical treatment, but we like to get to the root of the cause, internally. When I see patients with eczema I make sure they are getting enought of the “good” fats, such as nuts, avocodos, etc.  I also ask them to add fatty acids to their diet, such as East West Essentials Optimal Fatty Acid Blend, which is excellent for skin conditions (you can also pop these open and apply topically to dry skin patches!).  If you tend to run on the “hot” side (flushed face, H/A, maybe elevated blood pressure) be sure and add cooling foods to your diet such as cucumber, celery and green squash.

You may also want to try Read More »

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All About Oils

Now that the holidays are almost here, I am getting a lot of questions about cooking and staying healthy. One of the most common concerns is what types of oil to use. In addition to being a great asset to a recipe, certain oils are also beneficial for your skin. Here is my quick guide for the oils to use, which to skip, and the skin-friendly choices!

For cooking I like to use olive oil and grape seed oil. Grape seed oil because it can tolerate high heat, makes veggies stay light and crisp and it’s great to Read More »

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Win It! Get Glowing For The Holidays with Optimal Beauty!

EWE Optimal BeautyThey’re coming, they’re coming… the holidays are almost upon us! This is the time of year that our schedules seems to become three times as busy as they normally are and any free time we thought we would have vanishes into thin air. While we can’t help you with your endless to-do list, we will help you feel better from the inside out with our pre-holiday giveaway of our top-selling supplement, Optimal Beauty!

As seen in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Optimal Beauty activates collagen for hair, skin and nails. Get glowing for the holiday season with this supplement that will provide you with the following benefits:

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You Know You Are Curious – Why Do We Produce Mucus?

snotfangs-250x166So many colds this time of year! I hope you are all washing your hands and staying hydrated. I came across  this great article from Dr. Ben Kim on why we produce mucus… you know you want to know! And understanding why – and what you can do to produce less –  can help you stay healthy.

The other day, I was greeted by a client who was ecstatic over the realization that since avoiding gluten, she has been free of phlegm deep within her throat.  For many years, she struggled every morning trying to break it up, wash it down, cough it up, ANYTHING to allow her to feel like she didn’t have a blob of mucus sitting in her pharynx.
When she first approached me, she had already been free of dairy for approximately 3 years, so I suggested going Read More »
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Is There a “Best Time” To Take Vitamins?

Do you take all your vitamins at once when you wake up? Or with a  meal? Is there any science to your method or is it just random? Guess what… you may be taking them wrong! Dr. Jeanne Wilson is blogging today with some insight!

Q: When I take a multiple vitamin it tends to make me slightly nauseous, therefore I’ve been taking the vitamin before bed. I’ve heard it’s best to take your vitamins in the morning. My question is, am I losing out on the benefits of a multiple vitamin by taking it at bedtime?

A: I believe you should go with the evening dose if you have digestive issue with your vitamins. The metabolic delivery system of your vitamins may work better in the daytime, and be a little slower in the Read More »

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Is Meal Replacement A Healthy Way To Lose Weight? We Have The Answer!


Keep those questions coming! Email us at and we will get back to you. Today we have a great question about meal replacement and weight loss… yes, it can be done while staying healthy. read on!

Q: I did the 5-day cleanse with Sunfare and I loved it!  I usually gag at most shakes and I actually loved the Optimal Cleanse shakes.  I am looking for an option for meal replacements but I am also still trying to lose weight. I travel a ton and I was thinking of doing the Optimal Cleanse as a meal replacement on the road (when it isn’t easy to find healthy options while traveling) but I am also trying to lose weight so I’m not sure if the high carb content would inhibit that.  I was looking at Debi’s Diet and the Optimal Fat Blast, but again, I don’t know if those programs have specific recipes I need to follow, which would not work with my travel schedule.  I wasn’t sure what the best option for me would be.  If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

A: The Optimal Cleanse is Read More »

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Tina’s Butternut Squash Pops

On today’s Recipe Friday we are sharing a wonderful client-submitted idea! This is a healthy way to feed little ones some delicious, seasonal foods. Thanks, Tina, for the recipe!

Tina’s Butternut Squash Pops

*You’ll need  pop molds – these ones from Munchkin are perfect for kids!

  • Bake butternut squash then puree it
  • Pour pureed squash into molds and freeze

Kids love these not only for the taste, but the cold is wonderful for teething. Tip: Add cupcake pan liners under the sticks to catch any drips!

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Under Pressure? This Can Help You “Cool” Down!

I was 5 minutes late to my meter on Wilshire Blvd. And when I arrived… yep, you guessed it, they were towing me. I cried, begged, pleaded and paid several hundred dollars to get the guy to take my car down. This all happened while I was leaving my lawyers office rushing to get my friend to LAX and then back in time to pick up my daughter…can anyone say stress?

I use Bach Rescue Remedy to combat times like this! Designed to heal emotional imbalances naturally, such as stress and anxiety, it is fast-working and helps you calmly deal with even the worst situations. The product is available in sprays, drops (for under the tongue or in water) and creams. I carry it in my purse with me at all times! 

Unlike prescription medications, Rescue Remedy is Read More »

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Roasted Garlic Chicken

Don’t let the idea of cooking an entire chicken scare you off – this is SO easy to make! And what’s great is that is provides 6-8 servings so it suits a large group or you have a lot of leftovers (my favorite) to use for sandwiches or chicken salads. This is a part of our Optimal Cleanse recipe group so it is very healthy, to boot!

Yield: 6-8 servings


  • 1 whole organic chicken
  • 4 garlic heads (cloves peeled)
  • 9 sprigs of thyme (remove leaves from stem)
  • 9 sprigs of tarragon (remove leaves from stem)
  • 1 lemon Read More »
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A Spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is amazing! (Bragg Live Foods offers a wonderful Apple Cider Vinegar…) Here are just a few reasons why you should put 2 TBSP in an 8oz glass a water and drink it every day!

  • It balances your inner eco-system
  • Detoxes the body
  • Helps promote weight loss
  • Helps lower Read More »
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