Q&A: Probiotics & Hypothyroidism


Do you have a question for our East West Essentials‘ experts Dr. Jeanne Wilson, or wellness consultant Heather Wilson? Post it on our Facebook page and we will answer it for you! Today we have two new questions for you… Happy Health!

Q: My doctor recently suggested I consider taking a probiotic (I take your Optimal Movement). I was wondering if it is okay to also take a probiotic, or if it is even necessary if I am taking the Optimal Movement.

A: Yes, a probiotic is usually very helpful for most all people in today’s modern society of “super” foods and toxins. May I suggest our Optimal GI from East West Essentials. It is the ideal solution for individuals with a variety of gut-related issues that cause inammation, discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. Optimal Movement and Optimal GI are two different products, and taking the Optimal GI may lessen your need for Optimal Movement or maybe decrease your frequency of need. But, both together are a great combination for consistent and good bowel health.

Q: I need some help with hypothyroidism. Set me straight, and soon!

A: This is a difficult one to answer without information as to why you have hypothyroidism. Is it self diagnosed or the result of a  blood workup? Are you currently taking any medications? To help you properly, this would take an office visit or a phone consult.

However, some general suggestions we can offer include:

  • Regulate your sleep patterns and get enough sleep
  • Make sure your iodine intake is adequate. Add kelp and strawberries to your diet, and do not adopt a salt-free diet
  • Do the East West Essentials’ 10-Day Optimal Cleasne to help increase your metabolism that may be slowed down by overload of toxins in your body

Beyond these tips we would need more information to provide you with further information. Please call our offices at 800.914.0919 to schedule a phone consultation with Dr. Wilson and/or Haylie.

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  1. Sharon Hines
    Posted January 19, 2012 at 6:11 am | Permalink

    I’m interested to talk to Haylie about this at our next appointment. I am conerned about hypothyroidism, and maybe this will help!

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